standard-title Festival of Contact Improvisation and Music

Festival of Contact Improvisation and Music

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Welcome to the first Contact Improvisation and Music festival at eco-farm «Bobry»!

15-21 August 2018

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We invite you to explore together contact improvisation and its interaction with music. Intensive with Katja Mustonen, classes with Steve Batts, jams and labs with Artiom Markov, Masha Grudskaya, Evgeniya Dybovskaya, Oleg Frolov and other teachers and musicians.

And, of course, the festival is more than jams and classes – it is open and easy communication with others, opportunity to share space and time together, and to be yourself. In a semi-wild space of eco-farm «Bobry» you’ll find river and forest, sauna and fireplace, studio and kitchen, sunrise and sunset…


We invite contact dancers of all levels —

To explore how sound becomes part of movement – the sound of the river, forest, birds, music, voice…

Somehow in CI tradition we do not dance to music, music is not a primary sourse for movement. But what if we integrate music as another partner or landscape for dance?

There will be space to dance with music and in silence…


We invite musicians of all levels —

If you are interested to play for jams or movement performances, improvise with other musicians and dancers – this is a space for you to share and learn! To experiment and explore, finding new ways for creating a shared space with dancers.

What are the similarities os music and dance improvisation?  What if musicians and dancers will play with the same aspects of composition?

Also, the will be plenty of time to dance and find out more about improvising with movement and music from dancers’ perspective.



  • Intensive with Katja Mustonen (Finland/Germany)
  • Classes for dancers and musicians with Steve Batts (UK)
  • Voice and movement practice with Evgeniy Belozerov
  • Contact jams with live music and silent jams, with special Jam Team – guest teachers who will support jam space
  • Music concert
  • Authentic Movement in nature
  • Instant performances and Dance-music dates
  • Circle folk singing and singing at the fire
  • Sauna, river, fire, open-air cinema and other joys of living in nature
  • Special space for kids with classes and other activities


CI Intensive with Katja «Imaginaries For Movement»

Considering CI as our common ground from where to embark, we take on a journey to instantly compose dances. We approach these particles such as breath, weight and touch through their concrete as well as metaphoric meanings. Understanding the multitude of existing relations is to heighten our awareness to notice how what we touch is always touching us in return — weather directly or indirectly.

Extending the notion of touch, enabling space-time to tune and cultivate our sensing bodies in action, we collect sensory information from our internal and external surroundings. Nourishing our solo dancing, paying attention to the different ways of relating to music and rhythm while embracing unknown at the heart of our improvisations, we create dances of the moment together.

KATJA MUSTONEN  (FIN/GER) is a Finnish dance maker and teacher, currently based in Berlin, working as a nomad. She graduated as dancer in Finland 2004, and holds a MA degree in «Contemporary Dance Education»(MA CoDE, HfMDK,Frankfurt 2010). Since 2008, she’s been teaching Contemporary Dance, Improvisation and Contact Improvisation internationally in institutions, festivals and other venues for dance. In her artistic work, she is curious about the states of presence and body’s ability to transform, embody, and transmit images into knowledge, emotions, language and atmosphere’s. Also, merging photography, video, sound and text together with materials or objects continues fascinating her in terms of finding more ways to express ideas and execute movement, creating the larger body of her artistic work.


Registration and information:

Accomodation – in tents or guest rooms


210 Euro if prepaid before 1 June

225 Euro befor 1 July

240 Euro after

Prepayment non-refundable 70 Euro